Kenya Investment Mechanism-Investment Mapping System (KIM-IMS)

KIM-IMS is an interactive, web-based geospatial platform that will direct investors, business advisory service providers and financial intermediaries, toward concrete investment opportunities in the targeted sectors and value chains. This will allow modelling of varying investment scenarios, manipulate and visualize different layers for informed investment decision making




Existing Investments


Sectors/Value Chains




The Kenya Investment Mechanism (KIM) is a five-year USAID project that facilitates investment for key sectors in Kenya’s economy. KIM supports mobilization of private investment to accelerate enterprise-driven development addressing market failures, building financial institutions capacity and leading policy reform efforts to remove barriers hindering investments.

About the System

As the landing page, it displays general information on what the system is about, who the intended users are, the Partners involved with their core responsibilities and an overview of what the system’s sections entail
The system will therefore provide use cases which will identify various investment opportunities across the country


It highlights the different investment pipelines that are under the USAID-Kenya Investment Mechanism; by breaking them down in various sectors or value chains whose distribution can be geographically displayed to showcase where investments are at and the specific sectors in the counties, they appear prominent in

Mapping & Analysis

This section showcases an in-depth analysis on the various use cases for the different sectors in relation to the existing investments and potential areas of investments in Kenya.

The analysis is presented through graphical and mapping visualisations with various filter options which then create different scenarios providing various insights.

Contact Us

For any queries or technical concerns arising, this page displays various options on how the visitors can contact the administrative team for help
This provides visitors with various options on how to contact the organization

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